Document Templates

This command lets you quickly turn an existing document into a template, which then serves as a starting point for new, untitled documents. Run "Document Templates - New" and enter a name for the template. A copy of the current file will be saved out and will then be available in the Commands > Document Templates menu.

To create a new, untitled document from a template, select it from Commands > Document Templates. The copy will be the same size and will have the same contents as the original. You can make as many copies as you like.

To edit a previously saved template, find its .png file in C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Fireworks CS3\Configuration\Commands\Document Templates (or the Mac equivalent). Open, edit and save it like any other Fireworks document. Leave the template's associated .jsf file alone. To delete a template, remove both its .png and .jsf files.

Package contents

  • Document Templates - New
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