Digital Objectives

For a year and a half I worked at Digital Objectives, a Newton software development firm. I became their first in-house programmer and quickly picked up Newton development. I started out creating various prototypes to demonstrate to prospective clients.

One of these prototypes was a fully-functioning version of Scrabble, since we were considering developing software for the consumer market.

When DO began concentrating on the medical field, I worked on the user interface to their first shipping app—SirenPro, a data collection tool for emergency medical personnel. I helped iterate its design through several versions, based on the results of user testing.

I also worked closely with potential users on the design of two other medical applications, one for intensive care nurses and one for workers in the home care industry. Through the design of paper prototypes and possible usage scenarios I helped build up a model of the users and how their work processes might be enhanced with Newton software.


SirenPro Interface

Scrabble Prototype Interface