The Export as Favicon command creates a favicon file from the current document, which must be 16px by 16px. You can create a document of this size with the New Favicon - 16X16 command. If you want to create a favicon that also contains a 32px version of the icon, the document must have a second page with a size of 32px by 32px. The easiest way to create this is with the New Favicon - 16X16 and 32X32 command, which will create a new document with the appropriately sized pages. The New Favicon - 16X16, 32X32 and 64X64 command will do the same thing, but adds a 64px by 64px page. Larger sizes (128x128, 256x256, etc.) are also supported, but adding these creates a favicon file that's unnecessarily large for a webpage icon.

When you run the Export as Favicon command, it will ask you to select the folder where the favicon should be created. This will default to the last place you exported the file to, or the last place you saved it. After you click the Select button, the document will be exported to the selected folder in favicon format. The file will be called "favicon.ico"; if a favicon file already exists in the folder, the command will confirm that you want to overwrite it.

Note to Mac users

On the Mac, this extension works reliably only in Fireworks CS5 or later. It may export the favicon in earlier versions, but the Fireworks app will likely become unresponsive, requiring a force quit.


Thanks to Matthias Benkmann for creating the png2ico utility that this command uses to create the favicon. Thanks also to Ale Muñoz at Bomber Studios for compiling a universal binary of png2ico for the Mac. And thanks to Bruce Bowman for lending me a Mac to get the extension working on OS X.

Release history

Finally got the Mac version of png2ico working. Added command for creating 64x64 states in the favicon.
Create temp files in the system's temp directory to avoid UAC problems on Vista.
Tried adding support for the Mac.
Initial release.

Package contents

  • Export as Favicon
  • New Favicon - 16X16 and 32X32
  • New Favicon - 16X16, 32X32 and 64X64
  • New Favicon - 16X16
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