The first project I led at Cooper was the design of a new trading application for a large online brokerage. After we delivered the design, the very satisfied client extended our project and hired two additional Cooper teams to work on other products. Among other projects, I’ve also designed a golf course irrigation interface and a handheld glucose meter.

  Moonstone Interactive

Here I worked on PhotoWise, a digital camera application for Agfa. We were hired to completely redesign the bundled software that enables the user to download, organize, edit, and print images from their digital camera. The application ships with all of their cameras and runs on both Windows and MacOS in 6 localized versions.


At mFactory I worked on the design of mTropolis, an object-oriented multimedia authoring tool. mTropolis was designed to empower non-programmers to create complex multimedia applications, using a drag-and-drop, icon-based environment.

  Apple Computer

As an engineer at Apple I designed and implemented a tool for developers of QuickDraw 3D accelerator cards. The app was written in C++ and used the PowerPlant class library.


Here, too, I was nominally an engineer, but I again wore both designer and implementor hats. I worked on Newton-based data collection applications for medical personnel, as well as the occasional game.


During a semester-long computer science project I created what was essentially a three-dimensional bitmap paint program. But instead of drawing with 2D pixels, the program uses 3D voxels.

VIS 315  

For the final project of this Visual Arts computer graphics class, I created an installation of stereo-projections, using Alias, Photoshop, Illustrator and fishing line.